Best and Affordable Tutors @ 14$/hr

Best and Affordable Tutors @ 14$/hr
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Are you worried about your kid’s grades? Then TutorComp is your right choice!

TutorComp is a one stop destination for online tutoring which has already gained popularity catering to the academic needs of over 25000 students with thousands of tutors all across the globe. Our live one to one multi-Curriculum online tutoring services extensively covers UK curriculum and provides dedicated support to students for test preparations in all levels.

What We Offer?

• Video Calling and Text Chat

• Ability to record previous sessions for future reference.

• Regular Parent student feedbacks

• Shared interactive white board

• Regular Progress monitoring

• Regular interval assessment on students’ progress

• Monthly Progress report on the student academic performance

• Regular Test papers

• World Class Tutors available 24x7

In addition to these services, we offer assistance to students who want to prepare for tests such as ACT, PSAT, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, and Language coaching for English/French/Spanish/German.

Register for all the academic benefits that TutorComp brings to you!

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